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We are Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson - Emmy-nominated independent filmmakers with a passion for the business of film and sharing our knowledge and experiences with the next generation of filmmakers.

We are the co-founders of Gilded Cinema, co-owners of Filmmaking Central & Cinema Summit, and co-hosts of the No-Budget Filmmaking podcast.

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Completely Cold: Cold Outreach for Filmmakers

In this 5-part advanced course, you'll learn the techniques to network with industry execs in order to get your scripts read & films seen.
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Creating a Micro-Series for the Web

In this 5-part mini-course, we explore how to create a low-budget micro-series for the web from beginning to end.

Buying & Selling Film Equipment to Fund Your Projects

Discover the secrets for acquiring professional film equipment on the cheap and how you can use it to fund your next project.

Packaging with Variety Insight and Vscore

In this workshop, I dive into the Variety Insight and Vscore applications and explore how they can be used to package your next film.

Photobashing Concept Art

In this workshop, I break down my process for combining photos into a piece of concept art for a film. Follow along step-by-step!